Shut the Chamber

End Corporate Pollution. End the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

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Earth: Too Big to FailSee you at the annual PIELC (Public Interest Environmental Law) conference! Join members of Move to Amend’s national leadership team - Ashley Sanders and Ben Manski - in this three-part workshop that tackles both corporate capitalism and the U.S. Constitution. The session is entitled, "Move to Amend: A New Constitution for a New Society and Ecology."
We will dig into the history of people’s struggles over personhood, natural rights, and the privileges of corporate elites. We make plain the corporation and its relation to both the natural world and the state. We bring participants up to date on the incredible progress being made in winning passage of the We the People Amendment. And we discuss together and begin to create a new founding document - a new constitution - that protects the power and the interests of people and planet. Move to Amend is the nation’s leading coalition working to abolish corporate constitutional rights and “money as speech." 
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NOTE: The printed program for this conference incorrectly lists this session as taking place on Saturday. It actually will take place on Sunday, as noted here.
Sunday, March 3, 2013 (All day)AshleySanderssanders.mta@gmail.com10:03 am11:03 am