Shut the Chamber

End Corporate Pollution. End the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

This is an archived version of the Shut the Chamber website.

Bringing the inspiration of the Wisconsin protest wave -- from the occupation of the state's capitol to the recent national Democracy Convention in Madison -- to the planned October 2011 occupation of Freedom Plaza in D.C.: 


  • Ben Manski -- Executive Director of the Liberty Tree Foundation ( and cofounder of the Wisconsin Wave ( He is a member of the Move to Amend Executive Committee (
  • Margaret Flowers -- Nationally recognized Medicare for all, single-payer advocate and serves on the executive board of the October 2011 Coalition (
  • Brian Anders -- Homelessness and low-income housing activist and former coordinator of the Washington Peace Center. He is an active member of EmpowerDC (
  • Emma's Revolution -- Dancing on the edge of folk and pop there's a revolution: emma's revolution. "Bold, profound, moving, hilarious and transformative." The sound of passion in "deftly-turned phrases," songs imbued with hope, warmth and the "power and drive" to turn tears into laughter, cynicism into action. (
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