Shut the Chamber

End Corporate Pollution. End the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

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About Shut the Chamber

Our federal and state governments are controlled by a corporate and financial elite determined to push their destructive, self-serving agenda as far as possible. Unless we take action now the next year will bring more of the same. We face federal and state budgets that savagely cut education, environmental protection, and the social safety net while burdening working people and youth with ever-higher fees, taxes, and debt.

Why target the Chamber of Commerce?

Why target the Chamber of Commerce?

It is time to go directly after the #1 force behind the austerity agenda- the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and its state affiliates. More than any other entity, the Chamber is the face of corporate capital. The Chamber is the largest lobby group in the U.S., spending hundreds of millions of dollars every year to advance a platform centered on cutting public services, dismantling unions and worker’s rights, and denying the very existence of the climate crisis. There are many tools used by corporate capital to manufacture consent -- from law shops like ALEC to media fixers like FOX and MSNBC -- but the Chamber is not merely a tool, it is the engine that elects candidates and buys legislation.

How we can fight back

The Shut the Chamber campaign will educate and organize communities across the country to fight the Chamber of Commerce on a national and state-by-state level. Only by naming names and going after capital directly can we defeat the austerity agenda and widely implement the economic, social, and ecological solutions America needs.

  1. Expose the direct role the national and state chambers play in advancing undemocratic and socially destructive public policies through a nationwide education effort.
  2. Pressure the Chamber to back off its budgetary and policy agenda by organizing an escalating series of protests targeting the national Chamber of Commerce and their state-based affiliates.
  3. Undermine the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s financial power by coordinating a national divestment campaign that urges neighborhood small businesses to pull out of the national and state chambers.

How can I get involved?

Right now we are in the process of building a nationwide coalition of concerned individuals and organizations to take on the Chamber. 

To get involved sign our call to action, make a contribution to the campaign, and let your friends and contacts know about this important effort!

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