Voting Rights Organizing Guide

December 07, 2016
No More Stolen Elections!

*******Guide to National Voting Rights Organizations & Resources*******
Read on to learn more about the work being done in the area of election integrity - this guide includes links to organizations and resources related to the headings below. 

Many organizations work on issues of voting rights and election integrity year-round. Read on to connect with organizations providing projects and resources helping communities across the country address concerns with the electoral process.
There are several documents and guides that could be useful for organizations and individuals who want to learn more about our voting system to better organize in the future. Read on to learn more about voting across the country utilizing these fact-filled resources.
While issues of voting rights affect voters throughout the entire country, reports support the fact that several states are more affected by disenfranchisement than others. Read on to learn more about connecting with organizations working on voting rights and election integrity efforts in the states more affected by disenfranchisement. Check back for updates to this list as it expands to include more states.
There are a variety of advocacy groups working on specific issues that affect voting, the electoral system and the rights of voters - for system change to occur, we need an overhaul like the one outlined in the Voter Bill of Rights.

Standing Against Voter Intimidation - An Organizing Guide

October 25, 2016
Liberty Tree

This year, a major candidate is calling for supporters to “watch” voters in “certain areas” to ensure the election is not “stolen” - even though it has been found that there is no real danger of voters committing election fraud. There is a very real danger, however, of white supremacists and racist law enforcement officials to use this call to action as an excuse to violently intimidate voters before and on election day.

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