Virtual March on the U.S. Chamber

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Couldn't make it out to the Operation Green Jobs march from Philadelphia to the Chamber's headquarters in D.C. May 18th-24th?

Join our Virtual March instead!

Fill out the following form and upload a photo of yourself holding a sign showing why you stand against the chamber.  We'll add your photo to our storify to create a "virtual march" of people who stand with the folks marching to hold the Chamber accountable in D.C.

Need some sign ideas?  Feel free to use one of these:

  • "Had a job, but it got sequestered. Thanks, US Chamber!"
  • "The US Chamber of Commerce doesn't speak for this small business owner."
  • "Why does Congress listen to the US Chamber instead of me? I don't have millions to spend on lobbyists."
  • "The US Chamber wants to deregulate banks so they can get away with fraudulently foreclosing on homeowners like me."
  • "Dear US Chamber: Lobby for green jobs, not fossil fuels and austerity."
  • "The US Chamber wants to frack my water, so they're f**king up my government to do it."
  • "Stop cutting. Stop drilling. Stop listening to the US Chamber's lobbyists."


Tell us why you're taking action against the Chamber!

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